Monday, August 1, 2011

Skinny dipping in Laatokka

Today we've finally had a chance to enjoy breathtaking views of lake Laatokka, as the road followed the coastline for a few kilometers. Taina proclaimed that she couldn't bear the thought of returning to Finland and telling everyone that she hadn't had the time to swim in Laatokka, so we decided to stop and take a short break. We found a super idyllic spot where a friendly Russian family was already grilling food and enjoying the warm weather, and Taina got her chance to dip into the lake, accompanied by Leka and Laura. And as the Finns we are, nobody bothered to dig into the big bike bags to find swimsuits, but instead just promised not to look.

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  1. Oih... ihana Suomi-neito kuin vanhassa kotimaisessa elokuvassa. :-)