Saturday, August 6, 2011

Third leg of the journey

Our journey to Murmansk can be divided into smaller sections, each of which bares its own distinct flavor. First we had what could be seen as the prologue – the part which took place in Finland. This part felt like more of a final training session before we were thrown into the water. Then came the crossing of the border, and the crooked roads around lake Ladoga. So many things felt unfamiliar,the roads surprised us with their conditions, and we tried to learn to cope with our new reality.

Upon leaving Petroskoi our third leg started. No more small picturesque sand roads, from here on it was M18 that would be our trusted companion for the next 900 plus kilometers. Our movement eastward also came to a halt, as we now started to move northward. One could find this a bit boring, but it too brings about a much needed change in pace and atmosphere. Now it seems like we're moving at a much higher pace. A straight road leading us to our destination.

The scenery also began to change as soon as we set our bikes on the M18 – endless forests followed by more forests. Not much to see per se, but peace for the mind to roam free.

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