Monday, August 22, 2011

Camp life

During our journey we camped out probably around two thirds of the journey. Generally we slept right by the road, next to a bridge or by some lake adjacent to the road.

This was one thing we were most warned about when crossing over to Russia. Yet, thanks to either our extraordinary luck, or the fact that the fears people inhibit are mostly exaggerations, we survived without a scratch. No one even remotely bothered us. If you don't count a few guys asking for fishing tips as that. We don't.

In fact, there was no time that any of us would have felt threatened or uncomfortable. At least not by the presence of strangers that is. Cold nights – well, that's a different story.

Also worth mentioning to those looking into a similar trip is the fact that Russia (at least from what we read) has a pretty lax attitude towards camping. No rules or regulations preventing it, and we met with no opposition either in this regard.

So by all means, do camp out – it's cheap (well, free actually), there are really beautiful places close to the roads, if you just bother to look them up. Just remember to gather all your trash, and try to leave the place in a nicer condition than when you arrived. (This, if something is a weakness the Russians themselves suffer from immensely – treating nature as one big trash can.)

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