Monday, August 15, 2011

A sort of end

So we reached Murmansk. After pedaling through at times exotic landscapes, at times harsh ones, at times most beautiful ones. We were mostly met with a warm welcoming spirit, although it occasionally took some scraping of the surface to come to this conclusion.

For about 1800 kilometers we shared everything, and lived closer to each other than we ever would have expected. Yes, we sometimes annoyed each other, but most of the times got along better than anyone would have expected, and each gave the group her special skill set as support.

All these things were in our minds, when we gathered at the base of the soldier overseeing the city. Knowing that soon our journey would turn, as we would be heading homeward. A bitter sweet moment – we had reached our goal, but it also meant our inevitable separation looming close ahead.

But now the sun was shining and for ones we were not freezing. Thank you for your hospitality, Murmansk!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, "nyt jo perillä saakka" -- :)

    Ei vainen, olen lukenut Kaisan ja Lekan pyöräseikkailuista ja pari kertaa vilkaissut tätä Trapinka-blogiakin, sankareita olette jokainen ! Nyt aion lukea kaikki merkintänne alusta loppuun, järjestyksessä, mies kun olen.

    [ja tähän merkintään liittymättä: luin toissa- ja eilisiltana "On the Outside, Looking In"'in uudelleen, oli yhä hyvä ja hauska :) Kiitos.]

    Hyvää paluumatkaa, miten sen sitten teettekään !