Monday, August 1, 2011

Quite good

Reading this blog, a misconception might occur. That is, that all roads of Karelia would be just awful sandpits, not worhty to be called roads at all. And while this has occasionally been the case, it is far from the whole truth. Most of the roads we've rideen have been in excellent condition, and it seems the further east we progress, the better they get.

Given that the prevalent conception of roads over here is like the ones visible in the pictures of us varily puching our bikes through the dust some questioned our choice of vehicle. And we cannot blame them. But our firm experience has been that road bikes are quite well suited for this environment, with the exception of a few rough patches. But to be honest, I would be at loss of thingking of a bike that would be able to handle those terrains anyway. Or drivers for that matter.

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