Monday, August 1, 2011


We cannot say that we weren't warned. But that didnt make it hurt any less. Road works on a 16 kilometer strech that made the roads completely unridable. And, as we remember, when you cannot ride, you push.

For our amusement we deviced a small competition – trying to guess how many times during the sixteen kilometers would the road have been torn open. Taina guessed six, Lina eight, Kaisa topping off the buch with around twenty, while Christoffer and Laura setteled for something like ten.

Pushing through the patches in this way while counting made it almost bearable. One... two... three..., wait, did that really count, it was so short? And that one, you could really roll through it if you really wanted!

Bike travel; it's really all about coping with the realities you are handed. And tehn trying your utmost to make the best of it.

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