Friday, July 22, 2011

You gotta be kiddin' me!

A description of what took place approximately 17 seconds before the shot was taken:

Shock. Utter and unadulterated shock. And a moderate amount of disgust.

That was what Laura was feeling upon learning that cyclist really do NOT wear any panties underneath their cycling shorts. Of course she didn't believe us at all. She knew that we were just trying to pull her leg.

It took our good friend Petteri to convince her that this really was the case. Laura's bewilderment was tangible – "It is, though it can't be! Say it's not so! Please!!!"

Sorry Laura – there is no easy way to say this, but really, it's time to ditch those panties!


  1. Excuse me for asking, but this Petteri is a boy or a girl? It kind of makes a difference (in terms of the level of disgust:)

  2. I've just finished all new posts. Wow, it looks so exciting:) I will follow you closely (in my imagination of course:)). Keep posting.
    And break the chain, (or whatever proffesional, fanatic bikers say).