Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great thinkers of our time

During our first day Lina cycled next to me, and burst in to a spontaneous monologue. This was strange for two reasons. Number one, she spoke voluntarily. Not something we have come to expect. Number two, the subject matter she raised did not concern her varying ailments.

What she said was something that immediately struck a cord with me. She had been thinking about cycling, and declared that this was now real cycling. Which in her language roughly translates to that she was having fun.

The reason for this feeling, was that now we weren't doing just a lap, but actually going somewhere. Like on an adventure. We had left port, and would not be back for a month. And wouldn't return the same road. All of our training had led us to this point. But now it felt like it had been like learning how to swim on dry land. This was the real deal.

I took her words both literally, as well as metaphorically. And thus Lina was crowned our team's philosopher in my eyes. The Danube of thought.

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