Thursday, July 28, 2011

Notes from the butler

Upon choosing photos for the blog I encountered much opposition from all the ladies. For one reason or another each picture was disqualified on grounds that it made the subject look ridiculous, fat or otherwise unbecoming. This was a problem, as the blog was also to be used as a means for attracting gentlemen.

As I learned this, I tried to alter my strategy, complementing one of the pictures, stating that at least I as a man would very much enjoy these pictures.

But the response was both quick as well as painful. - You're not a real man! the ladies proclaimed in unison.


  1. Usko itseesi Leka ja ota tilannekuvia.

  2. C'mon Leka, olet sentään pitänyt huolta laumasta naisia satojen kilometrien ajan,

    jos moinen ei ole Miestä, niin ei ole mikään --> naiset oppikoon moisesta !