Friday, June 24, 2011

Last lesson

One thing we quickly realized our team desperately needs to learn is the art of traveling lightly. The amount of things we lugged back home almost broke our backs. Or the back of Christoffer, if we want to be more specific.

It was not that the others didn't plan to help. But the will to help is not always enough in itself. No matter how valiant the desire is.

This could be witnessed most clearly when examining the pained expression cast on Lina's face, when she attempted to hoist one of the bike bags.

After the humiliation of this lack luster attempt she quickly proceeded to tell us about her fragile physique, which, we are told, is something still slowly recuperating from a sickly childhood spent on the Ukrainian countryside.

Needless to say, it was then Christoffer, the teams butler and all around servant, who had to carry most of what the ladies had deemed essential to acquire from the finer boutiques on Avenue Jean Médecin.


In the picture the bus is just a few short minutes away from mercifully taking us to l´aeroport.

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